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When it comes to sheltering you and your loved ones through the most relentless storms, bigger is often better. Our Classic 600 is engineered to provide not only superior protection but also ample space for all your needs during extreme weather events.

Interior Design

sketch design classic 600

Studio 200

In an ever-changing world where unforeseen disasters can strike, having a safe and adaptable space is paramount. Studio 200 structure is designed to protect individuals or your valuable possessions from nature’s toughest challenges.
studio 200 design sheds

Interior Design

sketch of studio 200 design

Sanctum 400

The Sanctum 400 is a testament to innovative architecture and emergency readiness. Sanctum 400 seamlessly blends into your property’s landscape while harboring its disaster-resistant features.
sanctum 400 shed design

Interior Design

sketch design sanctum 400 by cat5sheds

Disaster Proof Sheds

best wall concrete by cat5sheds
Structural Concrete Insulated Panels (SCIPs) are undoubtedly a game-changer in construction. Their unique blend of strength, energy efficiency, and sustainability make them attractive for architects, builders, and individuals. It is also hailed as a disaster-proof building component due to its outstanding properties. Their unparalleled strength, derived from high-strength concrete, grants them exceptional durability against natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Don’t just build; build smarter and safer with SCIPs. Contact us today to transform your construction projects into resilient, disaster-proof masterpieces.

How we FORTIFY our Buildings?

How we Build them?

Safety and Security

In CAT5 Sheds, we understand the importance of safety and security during severe weather events. Safety is our unwavering commitment; we adhere to rigorous standards and regulations to ensure that your shelter is a reliable haven. Our top-of-the-line shed designs are crafted with uncompromising quality using Structural Concrete Insulated Panels (SCIPs) to provide a secure sanctuary when the weather turns hostile. Protect your valuable possessions during storms. Our sheds are designed to keep your belongings safe, so you can focus on what truly matters – your family’s well-being. With years of experience in this business, we’ve earned the trust of countless families. Join our satisfied customers who have found peace and safety in our shelters.

Value + Income

At Cat5Sheds, our mission goes beyond just building a beautiful shed addition to your property. Our focus is on creating a “Rock Solid” structure that adds substantial value to your home – a value that surpasses the cost of building our unit.

The average value of a home in Florida is approximated at $250 per square foot of living area. Whether your abode is a 1000 square foot home valued at $250,000 or a 2000 square foot one valued at $500,000, the addition of a Cat5Shed amplifies its worth. Regardless of your home’s location – be it a waterfront property or an inland one – our sheds elevate its value, offering you a net value increase of at least 25%.

Moreover, our sheds open up a new avenue of value – the Positive Rental Income (PRI) approach. With our Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), you get an opportunity to earn rental income.

We acknowledge that this program may not resonate with everyone. For some, the new addition may serve as a home for family members, an office, a workout space, or a safe shelter during stormy weather. Rental costs, especially in Florida, have seen a significant increase recently, fueled by factors like the two-year Covid pandemic that led to a surge in construction materials and labor costs. Yet, this scenario presents a unique opportunity for homeowners with an ADU.

In Florida, the two main seasons – the hot and humid season and the great season – play a significant role in how Cat5Sheds can be utilized. During the hot and humid season, which coincides with hurricane season, Cat5Sheds serve as a protective haven from June through October. However, the great season is where the sheds’ potential for rental income shines. With the help of platforms like BnB, you can rent out your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), built by us, for an average of $1500 per week during this 28-week season, potentially garnering a gross income up to $42,000.

Our PRI program isn’t a mere dream – it’s a tangible reality. It does, however, require your active involvement as a landlord. Regardless of your decision, you can rest assured that every Cat5Shed will be built to perfection, promising to stand tall and sturdy to your property.

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